Engage Partnership Ltd (EPL) is structured to provide support for behavioural change to ensure successful RDR compliance.

We are focused on developing the quality of the organisation’s human capital through a range of methods including workshops, coaching, multi-media and shadowing. Our approach is very hands-on and recognises that behavioural changes can come as a result of prolonged skills development.

EPL have developed a training programme encompassing a suite of graphical models expressing the RDR processes in a state-of-the-art, repository-based, modelling tool. We have defined the business rules, controls, risks, requirements and step by-step work instructions for each step of every RDR process.  Our models have been professionally constructed to the latest modelling standards using our own methodology specifically developed for the RDR market. Because of this, our models are simple to understand and simple to maintain – we can even train you to maintain them yourselves.

The modelling tool:

  • Executes process simulations enabling eTpI™ compliance calculations to be performed and staffing-levels, times and costs to be accurately estimated. It is therefore possible to thoroughly plan your organisation’s transition to RDR.
  • Provides explicit instructions on how each step of each process should be performed along with links to appropriate documentation, contact information, forms, computer applications and internet/intranet resources.
  • Delivers a simple, clear and unambiguous means of following the steps and decision-points of every RDR process.

As part of our RDR training programme, EPL will take your organisation’s experts through our RDR modelling tool, customising the models along the way as we develop bespoke reference and training material. We will then assist with disseminating the RDR models and rolling-out the training course throughout your organisation, providing a speedy transition to RDR compliance and sustained success.


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